About The Wayfarer Scents.

A little bit about myself, and the aspirations behind 'The Wayfarer Scents'.

Thank you and a warm welcome to my small perfume sample shop.💗

Perfumery is a passion of mine, and over the past few years I have acquired a unique perfume collection from all parts of the world. I believe that each perfume discovery has complemented my personality well, and has inspired me to continue on with my fragrance journey.

I wanted to share some of the joy that fragrances gives me with other like minded curious perfume enthusiasts, so I started selling parts of my collection on marketplaces, such as EBay, and more recently, Etsy. 

My Etsy shop has gained excellent 5 🌟 star reviews, customer service and satisfaction.

Overwhelmed with the amazing feedback I received, I decided to branch out further and created my own little sample decant store here on shopify, as 'The Wayfarer Scents'.

Here, I can offer more variety of samples at competitive prices, aswell as the occasional perfume related blog post.

The inspiration behind the name 'The Wayfarer Scents' is based on how all scents can create a unique and powerful olfactory journey. Like a 'wayfarer' through the senses, creating distinct memories and experiences.

The aim is to provide everyone, and those with a genuine passion for fragrances, the opportunity to sample some of the best niche and designer perfumes within the fragrance world.

You can choose from a selection of rare and discontinued perfumes, to more newer sought-after releases in various categories, such as, gourmand, woody, floral, amber and many more.
My personal favourite genre of perfumes are sweet and delicious gourmands, hence you will find that most of the samples I have available on here fall in to this category. However, rest assured I have stocked an amplitude of other perfumes from a variety of genres for you to explore and try out!

All my perfumes are 100% genuine, sourced from trusted suppliers and retailers.

You can select from a range of 1mL, 2mL, 5mL or 10mL sized travel glass atomisers. 

Enjoy scent exploring! 

Pari, 'The Wayfarer Scents'. 🌸

[The Wayfarer Scents is not associated/affiliated with, or working in partnership alongside any of the fragrance brand owners. As mentioned previously, all our perfumes are genuine, and are decanted into smaller travel sized spray vials to sample. None of the retail, branded packaging, trademarks or logos are used or supplied.]

Contact details:

Email: 📧 thewayfarerscents@gmail.com

📞📱 Whatsapp: +447377922613